Please email us at for more information on your bill.

Hello, Iz Groceman here, CFO/COO at Nexus Air Fiber

To log into your Client Portal please go to

If you do not know your log in credentials please call 816-608-1100 and have our team reset them for you

Yes, that was me who either sent a text, email or called you regarding your Credit Card having expired.

Yes, even if you were on autopay please read on.

We are migrating to a new credit card processor and old processor had created tokens for your cards.

This allowed them after the initial charge to delete your card data from their system and only retain a token that allowed only us to bill your card.

This is a very secure method as if we have a data breach the tokens are worthless to anyone else and your card data is safe.

Our previous card processor created a token that only used your 16 digit card number.  It did not include your expiration date.

So if you got a new card and kept the same 16 digit number it was able to keep you on auto billing.

We were unaware of this methodology.  We are uncertain if we approve of this, but we are no longer using them.

Our new card processor can migrate over existing tokens that have valid expiration dates.

 It appears you have gotten a new card and we will need you to update your card in our system.

It should just take a few minutes and it will help us keep your information secure.

We recommend that you do not delete your card monthly and re-enter it.

It is not necessary, as we do not keep the actual card information but only a token that only we can charge.

We also recommend setting up autopay as if an account is on autopay we can grant a grace period if your balance is too low or similar.

Neither of these is mandatory but they are safe with the system we use.

Here at Nexus Air Fiber we are a locally owned and operated company.

We respect your privacy and do not collect or sell any of your data.

Our only revenue stream is from your monthly fee.

We are one of the few ISP’s that operates this way.

If you have any questions or concerns you can use any of the contact information off of this website to reach out to us.

Or you can reach me directly on my personal cell by call or text 10am to 10pm 816-844-2745.

Iz Groceman, CFO/COO Nexus Air Fiber

Thank you for using Nexus Air Fiber.